Reflow Oven

The MROven7 is equipped  with 5 special steel modules (five top/five bottom with the Reflow Zone) Each module contains a high volume blower and unique airflow construction for ideal heat transfer.


Efficient Heat Transfer

  • High air volume for low termal stress plus efficient heat transfer

Leed – free Process

  • Full convection heating for standard and leed – free applications

Controlling Process

  • Temperature measuring in heating zones
  • Controlled conveyor drive system


  • 5 Reflow zone
  • Mesh Belt Conveyor

Technical Specifications


Temperature Temperature Regulation Adjustable from 20 – 290
Process Heating Length (mm) 2200
PCB PCB Handling Mesh Belt
Belt Width (mm) 500
Dimensions Machine Footprint (L*W*H)
Conveyor Speed controllable
Power Usage Voltage 380 V
Pneumatic Maximum Air consumption (Bar) 7
Current Usage Amper 21

With Professional and User Friendly Software