Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer

MRPrint7 is a semi-automatic printer. It has a drawer for putting PCB on the complete set of magnetic fixtures. For different sizes of PCB you can move these magnetic fixtures. Also you can move the stencil clampers for adjusting the best position. After fixing for final alignment you can use vernier controls


Fast and Easy Printing

  • Changing PCB Fast and easily 

Modern and Smart Design

  • Standard Dimensions for Stancil
  • Reasonable Machine Footprint

Fast and Accurate Adjustment

  • X and Theta Adjustment
  •  Stancil and PCB Easy Movement

Pressure Adjustment

  • Adjustable printing pressure

Technical Specifications


PCB Tuning left and right 15mm
Speed Printing Process Speed
PCB Maximum Size 600*400
Platform Size 470*370
Dimensions Machine Footprint (mm) 988*1037*1551
Mass Approx (kg) 700kg
Power Usage Voltage 220 V
Pneumatics MaximumAir Consumption (Bar) 7







professional and User friendly Operation