SMD Pick and Place Machine

MRPlace7 has managed to perfect the head technologies, vision systems, servo drives and machine controls at a very low cost and ideal footprints.


Fast and accurate

  • Fast and reliable driven servo motors
  • Positioning with rotary encoders (closed-loop system)

Nonstop Production

  • Pneumatic Auto Feeders
  • Internal conveyor system

Accurate Placement

  • High – Resolution Digital vision System by GigE Camera
  • Placement Accuracy About 0.1 mm


  • 4 spindles are moved individually
  • Standard CP45 nuzzles


  • the full operator support
  • handling automated error analysis

Technical Specifications


Productivity Optimum placement speed 5000 CPH
Feeder Feeder capacity 66
Head Number of spindles 4 Spindles
Vision Alignment Stage Vision
Components Component size range 0603(0201 inch) ~ 22mm IC,Connector(Lead Pitch 0.5mm)

~ 17mm BGA(Ball Pitch 0.75mm)

Accuracy Placement accuracy (X,Y) 0.1mm
PCB MAX PCB dimensions(mm)

Without conveyor(mm)

360 X 500


450 X 500

Dimensions Machine footprint(mm) 2000 X 1660 X 1500
Mass Approx (Kg) 1700
Power Usage voltage 220V
Pneumatics Air Consumption (Bar) 6  ~  7

With User Friendly Software